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How can Dr. Behara help?

Following are common symptoms of Gastrointestinal diseases and digestive diets put together by Dr. Behara with tips for a diet plan for the convenience and the benefit of patients.

Gastroenterology Diets:

Anti-Dumping Post-Gastrectomy Diet

Bland Diet

BRAT Diet, BRATY Diet, CRM Diet

Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Diet

Clear Liquid Diet

Colostomy, Ileostomy & Rectal Pouch Diets

Common Diets Prescribed for Cancer Patients

Diet for High Triglyceride Levels

Diet for Wilson’s Disease

Dysphasia Diet – Difficulty in Swallowing

Fiber & Residue Restricted Diet


Foods Containing Vitamin K

Full Liquid Diet

Gallstones – Diet for Gallstones

Gas in GI Tract with Diet Tips

Gastroparesis Diet Tips

GERD – Acid Reflux Diet

Gout Diet

Guidelines for Low Cholesterol, Low Triglyceride Diet Foods to Use

Hepatic Diet

High Calcium for Bone Health

High Calorie, High Protein Diet

High Fiber Diet

High Iron Diet

Kidney Stone Diet

Lactose Controlled Diet

Light Diet (Soft Diet)

Low Fat, High Protein Diet

Low Triglyceride, Low Cholesterol, Low Fat Diet

Low Fat Diet

Nutrition Considerations for the Patient with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Peptic Ulcer Disease and Non Ulcer Dyspepsia Diet

Post Gastric Reduction Diet

Renal Diet

Sodium Controlled Diet

Tyramine Restricted Diet

Vegetarian Diet

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